Films take advantage of 3-D movie craze

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Since the late 1860s, motion pictures have been a constant source of entertainment for the masses.  In the last couple years, the silver screen has tried to re-popularize the 3-D movie experience.  To entice moviegoers, production companies have been re-releasing 3-D versions of older films, which were highly popular and profitable during their initial runs.

Using classic films as propaganda for a falling industry 

Current and future releases include such films as, “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Finding Nemo”, “Titanic” and The Star Wars series.

For better or worse, moviegoers are going to be seeing a lot of old movies resurface with a 3-D face-lift to help boost the entertainment industry.

Where did the 3-D craze start?

In 1922 “Power of Love” featuring Elliot Sparling, Barbara Bedford, and Noah Beery, was released to the masses using a new form of film layering that allowed viewers a 3-D experience.  Since the release of “Power of Love” many attempts have been made to popularize the process among moviegoers.

However, because of the overlaying process, many viewers get headaches or are disappointed at the flatness of the movie’s supposed effects. Modern film audiences have reported experiencing similar reactions.  Many of the newly released films do not make a big enough splash to produce the desired 3-D effects.

Quick bucks and overrated film production.

Re-releasing films is a good way to spur the nostalgia of viewers to make a quick buck, but after awhile moviegoers are going to want something new and original that they have yet to experience.


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