Leadership Spotlight: Student Ambassadors

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

The Student Ambassadors serve as one of the many faces of Rose State College. As one of the six leadership scholarships offered on campus, the opportunities these scholarships provide are worth the effort. The Ambassador scholarship is open to all students, who, then must complete the requirements, such as club activity and enroll in a minimum number of credit hours, as well as attend the mandatory retreat for all leadership scholarship recipients. Ali Sexton and Erica Alvarez serve as the sponsors for the Student Ambassador program.

The Student Ambassador’s job is to be the liaison of the college to the community, in particular senior high school students getting ready to graduate. The members go out to high schools around the state and speak with students during lunch visits and parent nights, in order to present as much information about Rose State College as possible.

College fairs are hosted in order to get information out to the large groups that attend. This also provides a stage for the Ambassadors and spreads the word about the opportunities available to students on campus.  Campus tours are provided through the Welcome Center, and Ambassadors conduct these frequently for visitors to the school.

Each spring, the Ambassadors put on a Leadership Boot camp. High school students are invited based on their academic achievements and those who attend are given tips on college life and scholarships; information that can serve them in the future wherever they go. Last year, Rumble the Bison from the Oklahoma City Thunder came for a visit at the boot camp.

Scholarships are a good opportunity at any college. For those interested in a Leadership Scholarship like the Student Ambassadors, contact the Student Welcome Center at (405) 733-7372 or apply online at rose.edu. 

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