End of the world

By: Chelsea Ratterman, assistant editor

Happy Last Year, everyone! If theories according to the Mayan Long Count calendar hold true, 2012 may be our last year on earth. This concept was the basis for a 2009 Roland Emmerich disaster film; the timely titled “2012.”

However, this is not the first time the world’s end has been predicted. Harold Camping has predicted the end of the world a few times now. Once in 1994 and twice in 2011, he predicted the end of days by a mathematical equation that interprets prophesies within the Bible.

Y2K was the shortened version of Year 2000, and the belief was that programs would not be able to accept the millennium change and crash; Resulting in a malfunction of early warning systems that would lead to a nuclear war, and that the world’s dairy supply would dry up because the equipment would malfunction. The reason behind this was that systems in the 20th century used two digit dates for the year, and anything beyond 30 would be interpreted as 1930 by the computer systems instead of 2030. 2000 divided by three is 666, the number of the Antichrist, and some believed this to be a sign of his arrival.

A current running apocalypse theory is associated with the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. The LHC has the ability to smash protons together at a high velocity rate, and is capable of simulating the conditions that existed directly after the big bang. A micro black hole opening up as a cause of the protons being smashed together at such a high velocity has been a fear of skeptics of the LHC. Physicists have attempted to put this fear to rest by stating evidence that the Earth is hit by cosmic rays that impact at a greater velocity than LHC is capable of creating.

An epidemic wiping out the worlds population has been a fear for centuries. The Spanish flu killed more than 100 million people in a span of two years at the beginning of the 20th century. A more recent play on the epidemic theory has been the zombie apocalypse, where a super virus (or even radiation) has turned the population into the brain hungry creatures. The CDC even launched a campaign as a reaction to radiation fears after the Japan earthquake and tsunami, which directs families to have a kit ready in the case of a zombie apocalypse and how to implement their safety plan.

The zombie apocalypse has been a running theme for the duration of man’s existence on earth, and Hollywood continues to cash in on it with movies such as “Zombieland” and “28 Days Later” and TV shows that use it as a plot theme such as “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead.”

We don’t know what lies in store for 2012. Whether it’s the zombie apocalypse, or any sort of natural or manmade disaster, the best precaution is to be prepared.


  1. How do you prepare for the zombie apocalypse? Get a spoon, so you have a head start on the brain eating? And when the Great Age ends, another begins, just as when a week ends, another begins. I wonder what the Mayans would have thought of it.

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