Career services helps student plan for the future

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Within the Professional Training and Education Center or Training Resources Center (TRC) students can find help in discovering which jobs apply to their chosen degree plan.
“Career Services is here to help guide and provide resources for students to narrow down career choices for their chosen degree field” Connie Myrick, Coordinator, Career Services said.
The help Myrick gives students, entails looking at what students are passionate about. The more passion a student has for what they are studying, the more enjoyable and fulfilling their career will be.
After discussing passions, Myrick talks with students about their interest to further gather information about what career choices would be best suited to their personality.
Internet resources also assist the Career Services staff in helping students, by using survey questions to determine a suitable list of careers a student might enjoy.

Internet Resources:

  • Career Type Focus 
    Click on New User Start Here!
    Enter Required Information
    Answer Questions
    When completed, it will give a personality type. Google the four letters.

The Careers Services staff helps an estimated 20 – 50 students a month narrow down their career choices. Myrick gives handouts to students with job listings for their degree program. 36 degree program handouts are available that list job titles, job areas, employers, suggested strategies for entrance into the field, salary information and websites.
There will be a Career Services Overview at 3 p.m. Jan. 31 in the Professional Training Center. For more information contact Career Services at 733-7488.

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