A romance for the ages; Jewish Songwriters of America

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

From 1910 – 1965 the Jewish community of America pulled together and created a collection of musical artistry that helped create a

photo by: Tracie Bullen

lasting and strong community.

Songwriters such as Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and George Gershwin, created a legacy of American entertainment with culture and grace.

The travelling exhibit “A fine romance” says “the American song book is ‘Jewish’ in the broad sense that it favors the minor key, bent notes, and altered chords.”

Another Musician of note is Jerome Kern.  “[Kern’s] melodies will live in our voices and warm our hearts for many years to come. … The man who gave them to us earned a lasting place in his nation’s history,” President Harry Truman said in a quote for David Ewen’s book, COMPOSERS FOR THE AMERICAN MUSICAL THEATRE.

At the foundations of any culture or any future culture it is important to remember and give thanks to those that came before us.  Take a little time to share the past with those who will become the future.

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