Students give teachers the ultimate apple

By: Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

In Chicago the Golden Apple Awards were established in 1985, where the idea was to give local teachers the level of recognition of actors receive at the Academy Awards. Since 2001, Rose State College has participated in the Golden Apple Awards program, which has gone on to become a nationwide tradition to honor teachers.

The 10th occurrence of the Golden Apple Awards happened on campus Nov. 14, bestowing 10 teachers with awards for this year. The Awards are nomination-based and are reviewed to determine the finalists. This year approximately 80 nominations were submitted, with the final 10 receiving the award.

Teachers from all over the state were nominated, and the recipients were diverse in their locations. Three winners were from the Mid-Del District, two from Bethel Schools and the rest from Shawnee, Meeker, Yukon, Luther and McCloud.

Lisa Will and Julie Atkinson were the hosts of the event, and students whose nominations won the award were asked to read the essays they wrote about their teachers.

Dr. Webb and Dr. Britton both started off the evening with remarks regarding the event and the awards history. Dinner was served from the Carson’s Catering Service.

“You are all already special, considering I never won this award,” Dr. Britton said in his opening speech, and went on to say that emotion was necessary for the teacher’s job.

The essays were read and emotions were intense as the readers introduced their teachers. Some were more lighthearted, such as Sarah Smiths’ essay about Ms. Shelly Harris from Midwest City High School and her stories about her fights with obese squirrels on her porch.

More than one student choked up in the reading, as well as one or two teachers as they accepted the award.

Mrs. Barbara Giles of White Rock School in Yukon made a small speech after accepting the award saying “ I am a teacher, so I am going to speak.” This opened the door for the other teachers to make small remarks as they accepted the award, most thanking Rose State and the student who nominated them.

All teachers were presented as encouraging people in the students’ lives, who motivated them to do better in academics as well as life, and who helped them overcome multiple fears, or helped them determine what they wanted to pursue in college.

Recipients were:

  • Mrs. Sarah Begley, Bethel Upper Elementary
    Nominated by Collin Wilburn
  • Mrs. Brenda Brown, Luther Elementary
    Nominated by Sarah Mackey
  • Mrs. Sondra Fields, Ralph Myers Elementary
    Nominated by Rachel Hoover
  • Mrs. Barbara Giles, White Rock School
    Nominated by Holly Ford
  • Ms. Shelly Harris, Midwest City High School
    Nominated by Sarah Smith
  • Mrs. Mindy Johnson, Shawnee High School
    Nominated by Brad Spillers
  • Mr. Perry Jones, Midwest City High School
    Nominated by Ryan Kilmer
  • Mrs. Ida Maxwell, Meeker High School
    Nominated by Kody Sinko
  • Mr. Hal Pritchard, Carl Albert High School
    Nominated by Lauren LaBrutta
  • Mrs. Joann Roberson, Bethel High School
    Nominated by Mallory Unsell

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