Hugs project reach soldiers 7,549 miles away

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

 The Veteran’s Club on campus has teamed up with the Hugs Project to get care package donations for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Veteran’s Club was wanting to do something for the holiday season, and trying to get the Hugs Project to come out here.” David Leach, Veteran’s Club president said.

There is a box in every building where people can donate care packages that will be shipped off to soldiers in the hopes of making their holiday season a bit brighter this year.

“I have firsthand experience that some of the essentials are hard to get over there, and Hugs provides them. I have experience getting some of their packages. It’s a good organization,” Leach said.

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The Hugs Project gives people the chance to share the love and give items that tend to be taken for granted, such as food and clothes, to soldiers who don’t have the luxury of going to the store and buying these items.

There is a variety of things that people can send.  Here is A complete list, there are a few pieces they are hoping to receive to send off to soldiers.

“Baby wipes are important because you don’t really get to take a bath or showers. Also socks, toothbrushes, candy, and snacks like beef jerky. But really, if you can think of anything that you would want if you were out in the middle of nowhere that would make your life a little bit easier, they probably need it,” Leach said.

Donating isn’t the only way to get involved; people can also do a little shopping.

“They make these bracelets to make money to send the boxes, because I believe each box costs around $12 to send overseas, so that is how they raise money,” Leach said.

The bracelets are sold at Crossroads Mall on 7000 Crossroads Boulevard Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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