Spring 2012 Enrollment Tips and Advice

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

Spring 2012 Enrollment 

Spring enrollment starts Nov. 7 and students might want to pick up the Spring 2012 schedule to help them decide which classes they want to take next semester.

One thing students should keep in mind is that online classes and general education classes fill up fast; students should enroll in those classes as soon as possible.

Students can either enroll online, through Oasis or meet with an academic adviser that will help with enrollment.

There are pros and cons to both forms of enrollment. It really depends on personal preference; students should be aware that if they choose to see an adviser it is very helpful to be prepared by bring in a list of classes that have already been taken, their chosen major, and how many credits they are likely to take.

Another tip is that once the course schedule for next semester is done, take it to the Rose State bookstore in the Student Center and ask them if they know which books are required for each class and, if known, when they will become available.

In order to beat the book buying rush, make sure to keep track of the days books become available or when they can be bought.

Keep these tips in mind when enrolling, and remember that even though fall semester might just be ending, spring enrollment is right around the corner.


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