Health Science Program; what to know before you go

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

 The Health Sciences Division held a meeting for students attempting to enter the Health Sciences program on Oct. 18. The sessions were held to clarify the requirements to enter the programs offered.

There was a short general session and then attendants were split into groups specific to their degree paths.

The information covered helped the students to understand the necessary steps required to apply or be accepted to the programs.

The sessions are held twice a year, right before enrollment for the next semester.

There are a number of prerequisites for each of the programs that students must complete before applying to the program. They must have completed the necessary college courses related to their program, and taken the required tests.

A college transcript and record of the scores of these tests are submitted with the application.

A minimum number of points are required for each program, and they differ for each program. For example, the minimum 95 points for the Nursing Science program are determined by:

  • GPA average of courses required for program
  • Scores on Rose State COMPASS assessment tests
  • Health Care experience
  • Completion of college courses that apply to the Nursing Science degree
  • Completion of 15 hours or more of coursework at RSC or living/working in the Mid-Del Technology district

Breakout groups allow prospective majors to focus on the application process for the Health Science Division program.

“The ones most likely to be accepted and succeed are the ones who take it seriously,” Dan Points, Dean of the Health Sciences Division said.

The programs are extremely competitive with only a limited number of spots available.

The programs require application because of the cost of running the division and necessary accreditations the college must meet for students to be able to participate in state and national exams.

Students that participate in the program are opened up to a number of interning opportunities across the OKC metro area.

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