Month long Hispanic heritage celebrations . . . un gran exito

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

RSC celebrated Hipanic Heritage Month Sept.27, with music, free food, and a Hispanic themed Family Feud game. (For those without the Game Show Network, Family Feud is a game where two teams compete in a battle to provide the most given responses to various survey questions. One hundred students and faculty were surveyed for each of the questions, and some of the answers shocked not only the contestants but also Rubin Murcia, emcee for the event. Hispanic Family Feud was an entertaining way to get students and staff involved in the festivities, since they made up the teams.

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While everyone did a great job and gave it their best, ultimately the “Leadership Team” won the game and proved to have the most Hispanic knowledge. The game was amusing and friendly, and there were no sore losers. In addition to Family Feud, there was a small display of Bolivia and Puerto Rico, and a $30 gas card was awarded to one of the survey participants. Dr. Joanne Stafford helped put the event together.


  1. Excelente artículo!!!! Muy Informativo

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