Fall fashions and fancy frappuccinos

Fashion Weekwas held recently in Milan, Paris and New York City to showcase the new Fall Fashions. Red was a huge part of the event, in every shade imaginable. Metallic and fur are still going strong, along with bold prints, polka dots, and a comeback from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Finally, the hemline has lengthened, while the maxi dresses and the “midi” skirts are in this fall.

Designer fashions and designer coffees go hand in hand, but not always in everyone’s budget. Graphic created by Tracie Bullen

These runway styles seem fun in theory, but are they easy to put into practice? Especially for the perpetually broke college student, who lives on a budget; with the staple of their diet being a trip to Taco Bell and the ridiculously priced Starbucks coffee. Fashion Week represents the standard of style for that quarter of the year, (since Milan Fashion Week is held four times a year). Keeping up with the ever-changing trends can prove to be a hassle, for both the mind and the wallet.

A college student is more likely to buy a simple black pea-coat than a fur lined trench coat for one, and TOMS or tennis shoes are a more sensible choice than lace-up heels for running around campus between classes and activities. Fall represents a change of pace from the spring and summer styles. The clothes get thicker, more layered, and a little darker in color.

The stylists should change their focal point from the small minority of the population that can afford a $5,000 coat, to the majority of the population that spends, on average, 5.4 percent of their income on apparel. Due to inflation rates and rising costs, the ability for a student to afford what’s “in” for the season is practically nonexistent. And besides, who wears a fur lined trench coat to class?

There again, is the impracticality of the trends.  A student is more likely to show up to class in sweats or jeans and a hoodie, than a dress and heels. They should have a runway show dedicated to sweat pants.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from clothing is food. The Java Rose Café has recently reopened and is serving Starbucks coffee, much to the delight of the student body. Yet, the question stands, $4 dollars for coffee? Designer coffee is nothing new, what with the introduction of the Starbucks chain, and the opening of two stores within a five-mile radius of the campus. (For those of you who don’t know; there’s one on 29th in Target and one next to the AT&T store also on 29th)

It’s easier than ever to spend that $4 dollars on a fancy coffee fix; And those who “need” more than one cup may find themselves spending into the $12 dollar range. For the fall season, Starbucks runs a range of Pumpkin flavored items, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. From designer foods to designer clothes, the constant emphasis on “designer” is overwhelming and desirable to everyone. The trend may sound appealing, but may not be exactly practical for the college student, or anyone on a budget.


  1. […] of you may have noticed that the current Java Rose is distinctly different from the former Rose Café.  The transformation happened over the summer […]

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