DC gives comic fans a reboot to the head

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

With the rise in popularity of comic book movies, more people are turning to the source material. In an attempt to win over potential comic readers, DC comics plans to make the mythos of their characters more easily accessible to new fans by rebooting the DC universe.

On Aug. 31, DC released the final issue of “Flashpoint;” the last comic prior to DC’s universal relaunch. Starting with the “Justice League,” DC is launching 52 new 1st issues from their most popular franchises.According to DC’s Source blog, the premiere of “Justice League” will also mark the beginning of same-day digital releases for all current comic series, “making DC Comics the first of the two major American publishers to release all of its superhero comic book titles digitally the same day as in print.”

The changes to the DC universe would include costume redesigns for more than 50 superheroes, intended “to make characters more identifiable and accessible to comic fans new and old.” Jim Lee, DC comic illustrator, said.

The sincerest form of flattery

This is not the first time a “reimagining” of super heroes has occurred in comics. DC’s biggest comic rival, Marvel, launched the “Ultimate Marvel” universe in 2000. The intent was to attract new readers beyond the existing Marvel fan base. The Ultimate universe allowed new fans to start with premier issues, which included new origins and stories.The difference between these two attempts to garner new fans is that Marvel still continues to publish their established storylines, with 50 years of continuity. Following the reboot of the DC universe, all old storylines, with their years of continuity, have been put on hold. This has upset some longtime comic fans, whose collections have become separate entities; cut off from the new adventures of their favorite superheroes.

History is made of epic stories

 Professional comic book reviewer, Lewis Lovhaug said, “You don’t get new readers by pretending that nothing ever happened before. You get new readers by telling good stories and making them want to know more about the history. You embrace your history; use it as the platform to tell good stories.”

Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” showed the world that great films could be based off comic books, and in the process, revitalized a whole genre of movies. Comic fans are optimistic that the new DC universe will have a similar transformative effect on comic books.


  1. This story is not entirely accurate. I question if the writer actually reads comic books. DC was faced with a crisis; their characters have a larger fan base, but their books were selling poorly. The reboot is an attempt to draw in new fans and rebrand the line. In edition, it is was 2000’s “X-Men” that showed that great films could be made about comics. It was Christopher Nolan’s 2005 “Batman Begins” that showed that great DC movie could be made because it was the only time that DC did not sacrifice the core of its character for the sake of Hollywood.

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