OK Regents Raise Tuition

by: Chelsea Ratterman, assistant editor

Tuition costs are raised once again. On June 23, the Oklahoma Board of Regents voted 8-1 to raise tuition costs by an average of 5.9%, along with 729 changes in fees to generate an estimated $13.6 million dollars. Before the vote, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs held a conference call, where the hike was soundly denounced. Those participating in the call say that Oklahoma colleges need to cut their overall expenditures, not hike the cost of tuition.

“They say that you will get a better paying job if you get a degree. How are they supposed to do that if tuition keeps getting higher,” Tracie Bullen, photography major said.

comic by: Leland Peirce

The hike resulted from a cut in state appropriations to colleges, a cut of around 5.8% because of the state budget shortfalls. This is not the first time tuition has been raised in Oklahoma. Over the past 20 years, tuition costs have jumped 130% in the United States.  Just here at RSC, in the past 10 years, costs have risen exponentially. In 2001 the cost of one hour of class cost $33.70, and now here in 2011, the cost of one hour is $75.00.  The recent hike has affected the tuition here by 6.6%, raising the cost of 30 credit hours, a typical one-year schedule, by nearly $180.

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