PepsiCo Dream Machines

By: Chelsea Ratterman, assistant editor
If you have taken a look around campus lately, you would notice a few conveniently placed blue machines. These are a part of the PepsiCo Dream Machine Rally, a recycling program to support a greener planet and wounded 9/11 veterans with disabilities. The support of the veterans comes in the form of free, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business practices. Those wishing to use the machine can pick up a scan card with their first recycling, and register this card at This card enables you to accumulate points and create a user profile. Users are eligible for rewards after 100 points. PepsiCo has committed to donate $500,000 a year to the program and more will be donated, as more material is recycled.
“We are so pleased that Rose State College has partnered with the Dream Machine program to make recycling kiosks and bins available to students,” Jeremy Cage, head of the Dream Machine initiative said, “By recycling in a Dream Machine, students can earn rewards and help make a difference for our planet and in the lives of disabled veterans.”
The movement is a result of a partnership between PepsiCo, Waste Management, Keep America Beautiful, and Greenopolis. There are nearly 2,500 machines in more than 20 states. The campus has been involved in the program since this spring, with the instillation of the first machine in April. Three machines have been installed on the campus, the most recent being between the Engineering and Technology Building and the Social Sciences building, along with simple bins to be as convenient as possible for students.
“The PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling initiative is the first of many initiatives Rose State College is doing to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet,” Bill Clark, Environmental Coordinator said.
The campus averaged 866 pounds of recycled material in August. They are hoping the numbers will jump as full classes have resumed on campus.

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