Senator Inhofe Challenges Obama Policies

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

“Banning congressional earmarks won’t save taxpayers one dime.” Senator Inhofe said at a breakfest meeting in the Professional Training and Education Center. (Photo by Logan Pierce)

Oklahoma’s senior U.S. senator, Jim Inhofe, spoke to Midwest City leaders and constituents 8 a.m. Mon. Aug. 22 in the Professional Training and Education Center.
Inhofe’s message focused on four areas of government, described as “pretty serious problems.” Inhofe scrutinized the Obama administration’s policies regarding the military, excessive spending, regulation, and energy production.

Inhofe affirmed Guantánamo Bay role as a great asset. “There’s never been any torturing at Gitmo.” Inhofe said, “The prisoners there are getting better treatment than they’ve ever had before.” While President Obama’s pledge to close Guantánamo Bay  failed to happen, he’s not allowed any new detainees to be sent there, and is working on sending them to U.S. prisons. Inhofe took issue with the President’s notion of a “pull out date” from the Middle East. “[Terrorists] don’t think in days and weeks.” Inhofe said, “They think in years and decades. You present a ‘pull out date’ and they’ll just wait it out.”

Excessive Spending
“Conservatives think we have too much government involvement and liberals think we need more government involvement.” Inhofe said, “The next president will be overcoming a hollow course, similar to the end of the Carter administration.” Regulation
“Businesses are going overseas to avoid U.S. regulations.” Inhofe said.

Energy Production
Inhofe referenced a remark Energy Secretary Steven Chu made in the Wall Street Journal, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Inhofe said America’s focus should be energy independence. “We don’t have to depend on the Middle East for one barrel of oil.” Inhofe said.

“The president has total control on all spending.” Inhofe said. The current ban on congressional earmarks gives the Obama administration even greater power and authority to spend taxpayer funds. “Banning congressional earmarks won’t save taxpayers a dime.” Inhofe said. Instead of saving money, the spending authority is shifted from Congress to the Executive Branch. In this case, the money is put into the hands of President Obama, to spend how he sees fit.
“To correct this problem,” Inhofe said, “we need to define earmarks as: ‘an appropriation that has not been authorized.’ That will solve the problem completely.”
Concluding his remarks, Inhofe announced his support for 2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Perry; a man he feels is qualified to overcome this “hollow course.”

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