15th Street News adds QR codes

By: Narges Taghavi, feature editor

Smart phone carriers will be happy to know that the 15th Street News will be including QR (quick response) codes in each issue, so we can share with readers links to polls and other information.

QR scanners are popping up everywhere from magazines to the tables of fast food chains. While we may not link you to McDonald’s website, these scanners are becoming very popular and a fresh way of distributing news.

All you have to do is download any QR scanner app from your smart phone’s market, and when you see a square barcode in any issue of the 15th Street News:

  1. Open your QR Scanner App
  2. From “Scan” tab, select “From camera”
  3. Make sure to center the QR code in your camera’s viewfinder
  4. The scanned information should be shown immediately

The addition of QR Codes is something the 15th Street News is excited about, and hopes that everyone enjoys this new feature to the paper.

However, if you do not own a smart phone you can vote in our polls online at Opinion Polls. The polls are open to everyone.  Let your voice be heard.

Also, to stay current on the latest RSC news, follow our tweets on twitter.

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