Rose State Honors Program

by: Chelsea Ratterman, assistant editor

Located in the Fine Arts building is the new office for the Honors Program offered on campus. Students who display motivation and a desire for enriched curriculum can apply for the Program.

Requirements are:

  • High school cumulative GPA 3.5 or higher on 4.0 scale
  • ACT of 27 or higher, SAT of 1200 or higher, or equivalent COMPASS score certified by the Honors Director.
  • Completion of six credit hours of honors coursework with A or B.
  • Demonstration of special skills, which provides evidence of ability for honors-level coursework.

“Of most importance is that any student can contract with a professor for honors credit in any class the student is taking if that student wants additional intellectual or creative challenge,” Prof. Antoinette Castillo said.

Students may earn honors credit in a class in three ways:

1) Enroll in a class that is noted in the course schedule as an honors section,

2) At the beginning of the semester fill out an Honors Contract with a professor in which the student commits to complete a project for the course that goes significantly beyond the regular course content, or

3) At the beginning of the semester sign a Great Issues Honors contract in which the student would work with the Honors Program director to view a series of films and lectures and write six short critical essays in response to them.

The 3.5 GPA must be retained in order to graduate with Honors Designation. The GPA is checked upon admittance and application for graduation.

Scholarships are offered for fall and spring terms. They are based on GPA, and first applicants receive some priority. They are tuition wavers, not cash awards. They must be resubmitted each year.  Students may also apply for the Honors Program Book Loan Program. The Program will buy a specific book and loan it to the student for a semester.  Honors hours are transferrable to a four-year institution upon admittance to the institutions Honors Program.

The Honors Program also funds at least two students in attending and presenting their work each at the seven state regions Great Plains Honors Council Conference.

Awards are given each year based on selection of the RSC Honors Committee, so long as the student is eligible. The awards available are

  • Outstanding Honors Contract Award
  • Outstanding Honors Mentor Award
  • Outstanding Honors Program Student Award.
  • Over $1500 dollars in cash awards to students and professors doing honors work.

The Honors Program will host two casual receptions for students to visit the Honors Program offices at the beginning of the semester. This allows students to talk with experienced Honors Program students and look at samples of some of the work done for honors credit last year.  The receptions will be held from 2-6 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 29 and 30.  Complete information about the Honors Program can also be found at or by contacting Toni Castillo at 733-7512 or

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