Rose State College kicks off the semester

by: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

 A rainbow was seen over the campus as RSC faculty and staff attended a semester commencement breakfast on Wednesday. To add to the cheerful atmosphere, Dr. Britton presented awards to more than 30 RSC faculty and staff, who had each reached personal milestones in their RSC service.

Acknowledging the good omen, Dr. Britton said, “Steve Carano wanted to take credit for the beautiful rainbow over Rose State. I suppose that makes this the pot of gold.”

Dr. Britton reminded those in attendance of the upcoming bond election. “On September 13, the Mid-Del School District will hold a special Bond Election to build, renovate, and equip schools throughout the District.” Dr. Britton said, “Rose State College will be well served in the future if the bonds pass.”  Dr. Britton encouraged those that live in District I-52 to vote. “Go out, willing to vote ‘yes’ on the 13th,” Dr. Britton said, “If you’re going to vote ‘no,’ go on the 14th.” The last bond election did not pass, falling 16 votes shy of the 60 percent super majority required in school elections.

“A vocal minority has a strong anti-education bias, …” Dr. Britton said, “… but we have some new ideas, and as we apply them, they will work.”

In the face of budget cuts, Dr. Britton stressed the need for slow and steady enrollment growth. “We need to find one thousand new students …” Dr. Britton said, “Many of them will come from the Ticket to Rose program.”

The program is being expanded to include, not only Mid-Del high schools, but also all home school students and private schools within the Mid-Del districts. In addition, there are plans to reach out to the Native American population.

“You have students with young dreams, but you have more students who’ve had their dreams deferred.” Dr. Britton said, “Public education is necessary to maintain a democracy.”

The Ticket to Rose program utilized gap funding, which covers the part of tuition and fees that federal financial aid may not cover.

Experimented with previously, the Ticket to Rose program launched at RSC two years ago, allowing Mid-Del high school seniors an easy transition to college. The three high schools eligible from the beginning were Carl Albert, Del City, and Midwest City. One year later, the program was expanded to include Choctaw High School.

Achieving the Dream Initiative

Five safeguards for student success

1. The Student Success Center is the first line of defense in resolving issues students may have.

2. Early alerts from faculty feedback allow for problems to be caught early.

3. An academic success plan empowers students with the resources needed to rise   above academic shortcomings.

4. Individual case management is tied closely to the success plans and offers several different options for students.

5. Mentoring programs provide students with personalized guidance.

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