Campus premieres Festival of Modern Music

By: Miranda Liming, Editor in Chief

The first Festival of Modern Music, showcasing RSC music students, faculty and alumni, was held Sat., April 23, in the newly renovated amphitheater.

Attendees gained free admission and were able to see the five RSC born and bred bands Jess & Johnny, the RSC Jazz Ensemble, The Denuo Project, Angelical Tears and the RSC Top 40 Band.

Although working against the elements and Oklahoma unique wind – many using clothespins to hold down their music sheets – each group was able to play a 45-minute set showcasing their aptitude, playing everything from modern jazz to the Foo Fighters.

Dr. Jeremy Clifton, professor of music engineering and industry, and percussion, began this endeavor to “raise awareness on what the music department has to offer.”

“We want to bring the community to the college and build relationships, give our performers a chance to show what they can do,” Clifton said.

Not only were the musician’s talents showcased at the event, but also working were the sound and engineering students learning their trade first hand. Hoping to expose his students to the experience of live venues, Clifton added, “This also gives [students] a chance to work with performers.”

Although the first of its kind here on campus, the festival aspires to continue annually, eventually creating a festival that would last the course of a few days instead of a concentrated, one-day event.

“Future festivals will be days long and feature bands of all types: classical, jazz, rap,” Clifton said. “I also plan on holding monthly small shows in the fall semesters, but the Festival of Modern Music will always be the big one.”

Through all the work, weather and blown fuses, Clifton believed the festival was a success. “All of the bands played well, the people who attended were very pleased with the entire production – as were the performing students – and my engineers were able to synthesize and apply what I had taught them on industry equipment,” Clifton said.

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