Dream Machine allows for easy recycling, going green

By: Bryan Trude, Assistant Editor

The campus’ Green Team, in conjunction with the Waste Management Corporation and PepsiCo, cut the ribbon on the first official RSC Dream Machine Tues., April 12.

The Dream Machine, located inside the Student Center’s east entrance, is a recycling kiosk allowing users to obtain points redeemable for coupons, discounts and a variety of other articles.

Users can pick up their scan cards at the kiosk when making their first deposit. Participants are then asked to log-on to greenopolis.com to register their card, create an online profile, keep track of points and redeem accumulated points.

The machine only accepts plastic bottles and aluminum cans for recycling where each object is worth five points. Users do not start receiving awards until they accumulate 100 points.

The Dream Machine was started as an initiative with Greenopolis, sponsored by Waste Management. According to greenopolis.com, machines are receiving warm welcomes and quick installations across the country. In North Carolina alone, over 160 machines were installed in Rite Aid stores in a span of six weeks.

“Our overriding desire is to actually make the world a better place rather than just pointing out problems,” greenopolis.com reads.

According to the company’s online counter, 41,166,185 pounds of materials have been recycled since Jan. 2009.

“[The program] brings the dream of a cleaner planet… and for disabled veterans alive,” Jeremy Cage, senior vice president of innovation and insights at PepsiCo and head of the Dream Machine recycling initiative, said.

The Dream Machine initiative partnered with the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a national program that offers free training to post 9/11 veterans with disabilities in the business and entrepreneurial management style.

Including the new device on campus, there are 25 Dream Machines in the OKC metro area, including all local Homeland stores.

For questions, information and to activate new Greenopolis cards, visit www.greenopolis.com.


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