New step-by-step

By: Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief


After months of trying to navigate through the new maze of, many students and faculty are still asking, “How do you check email?”

For your convenience, we have perfected the “how-to” on the new online face of RSC.

The Home Page:

After typing in, the newest, most colorful update of the RSC website is shown in full. Here, visitors can read the latest RSC news (Rose State News), see what is coming up on the calendar (Calendar of Events), and learning about the college’s impact on Midwest City (Rose in Our Community).

For RSC veterans, scrolling down to the bottom of the page is the Student Login and Faculty Resources options.

Future Students:

Students interested in attending RSC can find all their necessary information here. Videos from College President, Dr. Terry Britton, as well as recruiters, degree programs, and an online tour are all exclusive to this page.

Student Services:

Clicking on the Student Services tab on the homepage will take you to the student homepage, showing links for logging onto D2L, Oasis, finding student services and even the campus life calendar.

Also in this section are academic calendars, financial aid and scholarship links, and class enrollment.

Oasis and D2L can be accessed under the Student Services tab, or by typing or into the address bar.


The Academics tab will take you to the page where links to Academic Advisement, the course catalog and course of studies information can be found.

Look on the right margin of the web page and find a contact list for the various academic departments, and a drop down menu for each section of study.

RSC Foundation:

This tab will take users to the main page for the RSC Foundation, showing upcoming events, recent photos and their mission statement. The right side margin presents a drop down menu featuring information about the foundation, how to become a part of it, and other useful information.

Business and Community:

This section of the new website is strictly for the business and community homepage, giving information on Career and Staffing services, environment training and community learning.

Student and faculty email login:

Students can still access their email from the main page of the website, or by typing in their address bar. Faculty email can also be accessed on the website, or by typing into the address bar.


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