Music Stand: Tax season turns into evasions season in Hollywood

Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief

In Oklahoma we call this season spring, or tornado season. The movie industry calls it the low season, and the government calls it tax time.

That’s right, it’s tax season, and if you haven’t gathered those forms and fake receipts, now is the time, for you only have 7 days left.

If you’re thinking of what loopholes you can find to evade paying taxes, or maybe getting a little more money back then you should, take Lil Wayne’s latest debacle as a lesson in tax season etiquette.

Wayne was recently handed a federal tax lien for $5.6 million for unpaid income tax in 2008 and 2009. The address on the tax letter just happened to be Wayne’s Miami mansion, currently listed for sale around $13 million.

This isn’t the first IRS upset with Wayne. In 2010 he was sited for unpaid income tax in years 2004, 2005 and 2007, totaling $1.1 million.

Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you can guess how much Wayne, and other artists of his caliper, makes in one year. Between album, concert, merchandising and other miscellaneous sales, lets estimate his paycheck reads $58 million a year, for good measure, and also, because I looked it up.

You may be asking yourself, “Well, if he makes so much money, why is he evading his taxes?” That’s a good question readers, and my only answer is that he’s too busy bangin’ hoes and poppin’ crazy fools to balance his checkbook, or keep up with all those pesky tax documents.

Or, maybe it’s just a celebrity thing. Wayne isn’t the only multi-million dollar recording artist to stick it to the IRS.

Ja Rule pled guilty to tax evasion after being notified of a $4 million lapse of income tax payment from 2004 to 2006. I’m sure Ja walked out of court thinking, “Man, these damn taxes are murda.”

Willie Nelson, quite possibly the most “gansta,” hardcore marijuana smoker of all time, was given a kick in the pants by the IRS when he failed to pay a bill in the amount of $16.7 million in back taxes. I’m guessing he just forgot, no thanks to his best friend THC.

Method Man , formerly of the Wu Tang Clan, turned himself in when he had a sudden epiphany, releasing he owed $33,000 in state income tax in 2005. Method Man dished out around $106,000 to avoid jail time.

Nas was hit with an IRS lien over $2.5 million for unpaid taxes in 2006 and 2007. The judge should have given him a little leeway considering his ex-wife, singer Kelis, pulls $55,000 a month out of his wallet for alimony payments.


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