Editorial: National awareness hopes to stir campus body

April is national poetry, organ donation, irritable bowel syndrome, STD awareness, child abuse awareness, stress awareness and mathematics awareness month. These are not all, but are the most celebrated throughout the country.

With all the noble causes that rest upon April’s weary shoulders, we have picked organ donation for a reason: to reaffirm the fact that, although we may be separated by social class, race, religion, sex or miles of distance, as human beings, we are all one, and should care for each other as such.

There is no gift more precious than the gift of life; a gift that is taken advantage of so easily, and can be taken away in a split second. Life really constitutes the game of chance, leaving us all wondering which section of the game board we will land on during our roll, hoping it’s Community Chest and waiting for our next $200 when we pass go.

And if this gift is so cherished by mankind, why are we forced to bare witness to beatings, homicides, suicides, nuclear disaster and war in far off lands?

Why do we continue to support efforts to Americanize a country to continually kills our military and its own civilians?

These are the questions that go unanswered throughout the generations of our society.

Our publication has been extremely fortunate this week to hear stories of survivors beating the odds, and of families who lost a loved one, but gained another through the act of donation.

There are over 110,000 candidates on the national donation waiting list as of 4 p.m. Tues., April 5. 860 of those waitlisted are in Oklahoma. One cadaver donor can give life to eight recipients. One life donor can donate a kidney, and parts of the lung, liver and pancreas, and still carry on a completely normal life, while saving a life in the process.

While reading the themed spread this week, we are hoping that you may become inspired, educated, and ready to ask yourself, “Am I ready to become a donor?”

With so many people in need, and that pesky extra kidney just hanging around, you may be the missing puzzle, the complete match that is the answer to saving someone’ child, husband, or parent.

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