Five year grant offers financial security

By: Brittany McDaniel, feature editor

Cyber Security majors and professor have been awarded a grant totaling over $500,000, effective Feb. 1, 2001 until Jan. 31, 2016.

Ken Dewey, director of networking and cyber security, said that “lofty objectives and high standards” outlined for the program was just the edge that made the grant application successful. The previous grant issued to cyber security was over $400,000, but expired in Jan. 2011.

With this new batch of money, Dewey said there was a definite need for more students to apply.

In addition to majoring in one of the cyber security programs, the criteria for the grant include:

  • Being ready for college algebra
  • Successful OSBI background check
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Submission for FAFSA

The grant is to assist applicants in paying for tuition, books and fees. Any money leftover is for the student to keep. Those who are eligible for the award can receive up to $10,000 in aid.

Unlike many RSC Foundation scholarships, this award can also be stacked with other awards.

With the financial boost comes some community involvement. Dewey said grant recipients are asked to study on campus two hours per week and perform at least three acts of community service per month.

Those students who are enrolled in the grant are also invited to participate in fellowship events, such as movie night. “We want to make them succeed,” Dewey said. “We want them to be part of a group and not be alone.”

Dewey also added that the field of Cyber security is constantly growing and that the need for trained and qualified professionals comes with some big advantages. Students who have successfully completed a degree in this major have received job offers for government entities, such as the FBI and DISA, but also with corporate partners like Dell and Devon.

One thing Dewey stated is that in order to be successful in the field, one must possess more than technical skills. “You’ve got to like computers,” he said, adding, “It’s a great career field. There are a lot of opportunities out there.”

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