New Student’s Voice Act passes, changes bylaws

By: Logan Pierce, assignment editor

The extent of students’ voting rights was one of many issues debated by Senate during the Tues., Feb. 15 meeting.

Bill 001, the “Student’s Voice Act,” authored by Treasurer Sederis, President Phillips and Senator Johnson, it reads “An act relating to the addition of section 111 to the Rose State Student Senate Bylaws, any bill passed by the [RSC] Student Senate passes that change the [RSC] … bylaws, after being approved by the administration, will then be voted on by the student body of [RSC].”

Those in favor of the bill proposed that a minimum of 100 students would be needed for each voting process.

Those opposed were skeptical as to the support for the bill. “How many students want this,” Senator Robbie Barthel asked. “We should be the voice of the students.”

Bill 001 passed with a majority for, and only three abstaining.

Senate also voted on four resolutions during Tuesday’s meeting. Resolution 001, authored by Senators Lesser, Buchanan, Pickard and Secretary Bertolasio, pertained to the repairing of a door handle in the Social Sciences building. This resolution passed by a majority vote.

Resolution 002, authored by Senator Ray, Liaison Ulloa and Treasurer Sederis, was concerned with the installation of a safety net on the baseball field’s outer fence, which was passed.

Resolution 003, authored by Senators Cary and Atkinson read, “pertaining to the installation of automatic soap dispensers in the bathrooms.” During questioning, Senator Barthel reminded the group that “people pull the handle to get the soap,” before they wash their hands. This resolution also passed.

Resolution 004, authored by Senators Atkinson and Cary, read, “pertaining to the tennis courts and how they reflect the college campus as a whole.” This resolution hoped to refurbish the courts “with new nets, tarps, and the fencing, and cracking of each court be fixed.” Resolution 004 passed by a majority vote.

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