Virtual face-lift of asks for students, faculty participation in order for more growth, effectiveness

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor

The RSC website,, is scheduled to undergo a major facelift.

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations, with the help of design firm Element Fusions of OKC, will be debuting a new, more interactive version of the school’s website by the end of February 2011.

“We started looking at replacing the current site in the summer of 2010,” John Cain, director of marketing and public relations, said. “Since that time, we have evaluated a vendor to help provide the structure and content management system, and we are now in the process of finishing out the design.”

The new site, which features a more streamlined and simplified layout, will also feature an increased multimedia function, including student-submitted video.

“[RSC] is trying to make the content a little more dynamic and relevant to the students than what is going on currently [on the site,]” Ken Beachler, official RSC photographer, said.

“We would love to have students create videos that we could post on the website,” Cain said. “Of course, they would have to be subject to approval, but we want students to be able to submit videos about their experiences at RSC.”

According to Cain, faculty and staff will benefit from the site’s Content Management System, or CMS. The CMS, Cain says, will allow clubs and teachers to easily update content on the site without the need to know coding or go through the Office of Information Technology.

Cain believes that the CMS “will make it easier for non-technical people to keep the site current.”

“With more and more people looking to a website as a principle means of getting information, it is important that RSC have a more robust web presence,” Cain said.

The new website will replace the current website. The address will remain the same.

Students or faculty interested in submitting video for the new website should contact Ben Fenwick, news coordinator of public relations, at 733-7962, or by e-mail at


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