New on Netflix: “7 words” in one place leaves columnist reminiscent

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor

Do you know what they don’t talk about anymore?

George Carlin.

Ok, so I couldn’t quote the exact line, at least not without flooding the office with angry letters and spend a very nice visit with my boss behind a closed door.

Despite his death in 2008 from heart failure, Carlin remains the grandfather of black humor standup comedy with liberal tendencies, giving rise to figures such as Bill Mahar and Lewis Black.

Much to my delight a large number of HBO Specials released over Carlin’s five-decade career in radio and comedy is now available for streaming.

Twelve specials, including “Doin’ It Again,” “You Are All Diseased” and his final special, “It’s Bad For Ya,” represent segments of Carlin’s career from the late 1970s to the modern day.

Carlin, often remembered for his foul mouth and somewhat crass outlook on society in general, is also known for keying the infamous seven words you can’t say on television, which I will not repeat for that rule also applies to print.

Carlin’s sour view on events and people around him, which hilarious in their own right, also provide a unique insight into issues and concerns that are still relevant today, more than two years after his death.

In fact, some of today’s most popular and influential entertainers, including Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby and Kevin Smith, all cite Carlin as an influence in their careers and personal lives.

And now you can see why, straight from the source.

However, I would suggest against repeating anything heard in these titles during work or class times. Those seven words are banned by the FCC and many other organizations for a good reason.

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