Music Stand: Originality best for love and shallow pockets

By: Miranda Liming, editor-in-chief

Did you all watch the Super Bowl this year, my dear readers?

Wait, don’t tell me, cause I’m not interested. I refuse to write about the Super Bowl, the Half-Time Show, or the atrocities the NFL lovingly calls the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers.

You may be asking yourself, “Oh great and wondrous Miranda. Why would you not watch the Super Bowl?” I have two reasons: one, hockey is a way better sport than any pansy football league; and two, I’m a born-and-raised Philadelphia Eagles fan. If they don’t play, I don’t watch.

So, instead of recapping what failures attended the premiere sporting event of the season, we will be taking a look at presents. Yes, Valentine’s Day presents, and please, don’t turn the page.

Now, I understand that this season is the most expensive of all. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and then Valentine’s Day, if you’re pockets are desert dry by now, give me a call.

For those of you who are dating or married, it’s hard to think up new and inspiring gifts for a holiday that was started because of a beheading (see page four).

Diamonds? Too expensive. Chocolate? Not if you want to be accused of ruining a diet. Flowers? If you buy too cheap she’ll laugh; too expensive you can’t afford. So what are we supposed to do?

Mix tape. That’s correct, I said it. For those of you who remember what cassette tapes are, congratulations, you’re a step ahead in the game.

Remember the feeling you had when you made a mix tape? The painstaking process of pushing the record and play button simultaneously while hoping you depressed them in time to catch the whole song. Then giving them to someone after you spent hours in your room recording, deciding, decorating, and then re-recording.

It was a pure, natural, perfect way to show someone how you felt. Why tell them yourself when you can hand over a fantastic piece of technology and let Pat Benatar or The Smiths reveal the undying love for you.

This is your challenge dear reader: make a gift this year, and make it count. Don’t buy flowers, candy, or a stupid stuffed bear. Don’t buy anything. Make your special someone something by hand that showcases their interests, not your bank account.

By doing this they will be thrilled and actually cherish your gift, and you’ll be happy that you looked thoughtful and loving, not like a cheap skate.

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