Annual leadership event introduces, builds new campus relationships

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor

Student senators and club leaders met together for the annual spring retreat, Jan. 28, at the Professional Development and Training Center.

“Good morning everybody,” Dr. Jeanie Webb, vice president of student affairs, said as she welcomed the attendees. “Are you ready for some fun?

The retreat, held during the beginning of spring and fall semesters, is to introduce senators and club leaders to each other, and to promote teamwork between the two groups.

“[Campus leadership] is like RSC. This is a team,” Webb said. “None of us will be successful without the others.”

Attendees took part in team-building exercises building towers from dried pasta noodles and marshmallows, as well as brainstorming event ideas for a possible third day of Springfest.

Speaking at the event was Julie Lesko-Bishop, coordinator of student publications. Lesko-Bishop spoke to the attendees about the role of the press and how it can be used for their benefit.

“We are here to connect and inform the students about what you do,” Lesko-Bishop said. “But for us to do that, you need to toot your own horn and let us know.”

“Today, and when you leave here, I want you all to think: our word is team,” Webb said. “We are all equals.”

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