Online math program provides variety of resources

Brittany McDaniel, news editor

The face of the classroom is ever changing. With the advances in technology, there is a demand for student to keep up. Math courses at RSC integrate traditional classroom lectures with an online math program called MyMathLab.

This program is mainly used for completing homework assignments, but also has a variety of services that enhance the textbook and class lecture.

Because the coursework itself can be difficult, the Office of Student Success arranged a series of workshops run by Nicole Brophy, professor of mathematics, to help students become familiar with all facets of the online platform.

The workshop starts from learning to log into the program, and goes through each function available. MyMathLab has tabs for different parts of the program, each layout slightly different for each professor. The tabs include announcements, homework, quizzes and tests, a grade book, study plan, eBook, multimedia library and communication.

The quizzes and tests tab will test students on materials covered in homework. Based off scores in the quizzes and tests section, MyMathLab has a built in study plan tailored to areas of difficulty for the individual student. The study plan has a tab that says, “Show what I need to study,” and will assess which problems should be reviewed for mastery.

In addition to the study plan, MyMathLab has other resources built in that help students achieve understanding of the material. Certain problems in the homework will have a film slide next to them. This means a video demonstration of the question is available to go step-by-step in order to achieve the answer.

The eBook is an interactive version of the textbook and allows the student to view the chapter covered in a missed class. The multimedia library includes various media types such as animations, PowerPoint, chapter test preparation videos and section video lectures. As the name suggests, the communication section includes announcements, collaborations and a discussion board.

Brophy suggested exploring the program and finding all of its resources. “Get your money’s worth,” Brophy said.

MyMathLab is not the only way to receive resources. The math lab, located in the Science and Math building, has assistants available to help with difficult problems and explain hard to understand theories.

“Students who come [to the math lab] get a lot from it. We have a very knowledgeable staff,” Brian Powell, math lab assistant, said. “I wished I would have used it more fully as a student.”

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