Editorial: Revisiting the topic of cell phone courtesy

When someone goes into the workforce, there are things expected of him or her, vis-à-vis Tinker AFB professionalism.

Some of them are basic concepts such as being punctual, bathing on a regular basis, arriving to work fully dressed, etc. However, there are several concepts that seem a little less intuitive which must be in order to be professional.

Trash talking on a cellular phone while someone is trying to get you to ring up their lunch is not one of these concepts.

We understand that, in this age of constant, and instant, connectivity is almost reflexive, and if you do not believe that, count the number of text messages you have sent or received since picking up this paper.

What we forget, though, is that anyone with a job most likely has someone who relies on that job getting done in a timely manner. That’s why people get hired to do just about anything, whether you are a cashier, an instructor, or a college president.

The question posed is how much professionalism do we require of those who are being paid to convenience us on a constant basis? Would it be acceptable to call 9-1-1 and plead for help only to have the operator respond with “Man that sucks.”

In these tough economic times, it is not unheard of for a college student to be unemployed. College students, in addition, also often grapple with demanding personal responsibilities and tight class schedules. Some may be lucky to get a mere 30 minutes to get from one class to the Student Center, eat, then run to their next class across campus.

So, when we are burning precious time standing with money in our hand at the cafeteria, trying to get a cashier’s attention in order to pay and get on with our lives, it is completely unprofessional for the cashier to be on their cell phone, talking about how someone will “live in misery.”

People need to remember, for every one person who works at RSC, there are another 10 who would kill to have that job. It is not unreasonable to ask that people cease their cell phone chatter while on the clock, unless for an emergency, so that the rest of us can get on with our day.

So remember, please put the cell phone down when you’re earning a salary from money taken out of tuition and other necessary costs.

Because, honestly, in the end, some of us just want our stinking baked potato.

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