Donated Books Shipped to Ghana

Bryan Trude, assistant editor

Dr. Adjoa Ahedor explains how over 400 books will be organized before they are shipped to her native country of Ghana, Jan. 12. Books will be sent to the University of Ghana in Accra, and will take about four months to arrive. Photo by Bryan Trude.

RSC’s science and math club, Sigma Alpha Mu, collected over 400 used textbooks and educational books for donation to the African nation of Ghana during the club’s “Textbooks or Educational Books for Ghana” program last semester, which were shipped Jan. 12.

The program, which collected books ranging from college-level texts to children’s books, was created by Dr. Adjoa Richardson Ahedor, professor of life science and Sigma Alpha Mu’s club sponsor.

“I have been trying to reestablish [Sigma Alpha Mu], and [the club] thought this would be a good project to adopt,” Ahedor, a native of Ghana, said. “We did not want to limit ourselves to just college textbooks. Kids books can be read too.”

The books will be going to the University Library at the University of Ghana and St. Mary’s Secondary School, both of which Ahedor is an alumnus. Additional books will be going to the Osu Children’s Library. All three institutions are located in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

“Last year, I went home to visit. I went to the library [at the University of Ghana] where I used to study,” Ahedor said. “The textbooks I used in the 1980s and 1990s were still there. That made me really sad.”

“One of the basic requirements of any serious academic institution is the provision of textbooks,” Professor Isaac Asante, head of the department of biology at the University of Ghana, said. “Without textbooks, students cannot improve on their skills in reading and research. Textbooks are in high demand in a country like Ghana where the cost of education is becoming high.

Ghana, a former British colony located on the Gold Coast of Africa, was one of the first colonies of sub-Saharan Africa to obtain independence in 1957. Considered one of the most economically prosperous nations in the region by the World Bank, Ghana is home to major deposits of gold, cocoa, oil, diamond and bauxite. Ghana is also home to Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006.

Ahedor said that the books will take about two to four months to reach Ghana, and that Sigma Alpha Mu was discussing travelling to Ghana to distribute the texts.

“[The books being donated], these are not junk books,” Ahedor said. “They are good books, and they will be of good use.”

For more information on Sigma Alpha Mu, contact Ahedor by E-Mail at

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