Year round reflection reveals genuine thanks

Now that the semester is halfway over, it may seem to some that it has sped up from its original painfully slow crawl. Where once we wanted to get classes over quickly, now some of us are having trouble keeping up.

We’ve already blown through Halloween and are now just about to the point in the year that we get a steady flow of holidays. For whatever reason, the next major holiday either gets overlooked in the shadow of gift bearing holidays or gets complaints over whether it’s right to celebrate it at all. This year, instead of getting frustrated over school and wishing for winter break to get started, we should try actually being thankful for Thanksgiving.

Though it’s two weeks away, the break will come up on you fast, and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be over. Don’t dread the pending loss of another break, and don’t let it pass you by before you get a chance to find what you’re happy about.

Classes have reached the beginning of the end, and all we have to show for spent time is exhaustion and frustration. But, if we can go into the next break knowing what to be thankful for, we might not only enjoy that time off further, but also find it a little easier to get there. So stop and think: what are you thankful for?

Perhaps you will spend Thanksgiving having a great meal with your family, or maybe you lucked out and happened to obtain classes that won’t leave you with hoards of homework to do over the break. Simple things, yes, but the simple things might give you a chance to recharge your batteries and come back ready to finish out the semester.

If what you end up being thankful for is cliché, try giving someone else a reason to be happy instead. Invite your best friend, who might not have the chance to go home for the holidays, to spend Thanksgiving with you. Find a place to volunteer so you can brighten the days of those less fortunate. Bringing joy to others can make your days a little joyful too. It sounds crazy, but we can guarantee you will feel good.

Whatever your short holiday plans are, don’t spend your entire break looking for something to celebrate. Find it now so you can spend valuable time doing everything else. If you find your thankful side now, you won’t be the one person at the table who looks like a jerk when you say something like “I’m thankful for my family,” after you already threatened to lock your little sister in the closet and kicked the family dog. No one is buying it buddy.

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