Spotlight: Professor Kim Queri

By:  Tori Beechum, Contributing Writer

Professor of Health and Sports Science, Kim Queri, has been working at RSC for eight years. Graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2002, Queri later obtained her Master’s of Science in 2004.

As the Aquatics Coordinator and professor, Queri has a variety of jobs on campus including swimming lessons, lifeguarding, first aid and wellness. “I love the water and RSC, so it just fell in line with what I wanted to do,” Queri said.

“The best thing about working here is the people,” Queri said. “I really like working with the students and the aquatic patrons.” Queri believes strongly in the power of swimming. “[It’s] a great form of exercise and it’s not too demanding on your body.”

Job Title: Aquatics Coordinator/ Health and Sports Science Professor

Hometown: Bowie, Maryland

Spouse: Mike Queri

Kids: Brandon and Bryce, both teenagers so they keep me busy

Favorite Food: Mexican

Proudest Moment: The day my kids were born

Most desirable place to visit: Italy

Hobbies: Snow skiing, playing soccer, scuba diving, etc.

Would you rather skip Christmas or your Birthday: Birthday

Favorite teacher: Dr. Villani. She was down to earth, inspiring, and got to know each student on a personal level.

Which would you prefer – scuba diving or sky diving: Scuba dive. You’ll never get me to jump from an airplane. Ever.

Superhero or Super Villain: Superhero

What’s the best advice you’ve been given: Live life to the fullest.

How do you get your TV fix: Biggest Loser

If you did a career change, what would be your alternate career: Nursing or something in the medical field.

What do you do when you get nervous: Take a deep breath

What’s your Internet homepage: ESPN

Favorite song: “Brown Eyed Girl”

Worst subject in school: English

How do you top your baked potato: Butter, sour cream, and chives

Would you rather be loved or respected: Respected because with respect comes love

End hunger or hatred: Hatred

One adjective to describe you: Caring

Favorite athlete: Mia Hamm

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