Chill out with good reads for cold weather

By: Brittany McDaniel, News Editor

The chilly arctic breeze can whip through Oklahoma air like a brazen warrior. It leaves in its wake cold college students eager to snuggle up with a warm blanket, hot cup of cocoa, and rustle through some fabulous literature. We have compiled a list of some great cold weather reads to warm your soul.

“The Old Nurse’s Story”, by Elizabeth Gaskell

Gaskell’s story centers on Miss Rosamond, a young orphan, and her nanny. When Rosamond is orphaned, the two are sent to live at a manor house in Northumberland, far from their home. They travel in a horse drawn cart in the foggy landscape to the old Furnivall Manor. After arriving, they notice a strange atmosphere and a forbidden east wing. The nurse begins to hear strange noises from the hall and young Rosamond forms an attachment with an imaginary friend that always gets her into trouble. After getting too attached with this friend, the mystery of the east wing begins to unravel as the identity of the friend is revealed.

“The Witches,” by Roald Dahl

This unique story follows an orphan named Luke. After Lukes parents die, he goes to live with his grandmother. Luke’s grandmother tells him stories before bedtime, often warning him about the danger of real witches. She offers advice on how to spot them, and explains why they are so dangerous to children. The two take a vacation to the seaside, and in their hotel, a convention for the witches of England is taking place. Luke gets caught listening in on their plans for take over. The witches take their vengeance on Luke, but will he let them get away with their evil plan to exterminate all the children of England?

“The Catcher in the Rye,” by J.D. Salinger

Nobody captures teenage angst quite like Salinger in his tale of a boy drifting from one phase of life to another. When the protagonist Holden Caulfield is expelled from his prestigious prep school, he heads for New York City. While there, Caulfield experiences city life exactly as a teenage boy should: irresponsibly. Join Holden on his misadventures through life as a teenager, and wade through all the sarcastic rhetoric to discover what he truly holds dear.

“Wuthering Heights,” by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a classic novel in which the tale is mysteriously woven backwards. The story begins with Mr. Lockwood, who rents Thrushcross Grange in northern England. He visits the neighboring Wuthering Heights estate, and discovers the eccentric Mr. Heathcliff. When bad weather comes along, Lockwood is forced to stay the night in the manor. After an evening of ghostly apparitions and restlessness, Lockwood asks housekeeper Nelly to explain the strange condition of the manor and the bizarre people living in it. Through the different accounts of history, it is eventually revealed that a vengeful, bittersweet romance happened many years ago, and ended in a tragic quandary. Even though the original romance is no more, the eccentric Heathcliff continues to relish in its destruction in a very peculiar way, unable to move beyond his trauma.


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