Oklahoma voters fall for Fallin

Nov. 2 was a historic date for Oklahomans, regardless if their candidate won or lost. Our state has elected its first woman as governor.

Now, with good news aside, what will Fallin do with her new position? This is the question on many minds of the Oklahoma territory. Let’s recap Fallin’s past government experience so we may see what to expect from here in the years to come.

According to maryfallin.org and fallin.house.gov, Fallin started her government career in 1990, where she was elected as an Oklahoma state representative. She later became the first woman and Republican lieutenant governor in 1994, where she sat for 12 years. In 2006 and 2008, Fallin was elected to Congress as the first woman to represent Oklahoma since 1920.

It seems that Ms. Fallin has quite the resume. She also has quite the list on what she has voted for and against while seated in the House.

April 2007- voted no on granting Washington, D.C. an electoral vote and vote in Congress.

Oct. 2007- voted No on assisting workers who lose jobs due to globalization.

Nov. 2007- voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Feb. 2008- voted no on tax incentives for renewable energy.

June 2008- voted no on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq.

June 2008- voted yes on more funding for Mexico to fight drugs.

Sept. 2008- voted no on environmental education grants for outdoor experiences.

Jan. 2009- agreed on prohibiting the return of the Fairness Doctrine.

April 2009- voted no on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes.

(According to http://www.ontheissue.org/house/mary_fallin)

And all of this from the woman who believes that being a mother and wife is her best qualification to become Oklahoma’s governor. Is running a household comparable to running a state government?

And what about Fallin’s view on gay marriage? As a Christian, its understandable her beliefs do not support same sex couples. But many Christians do not support divorce either, which Fallin has extensive personal knowledge about.

One of the biggest questions is on Fallin’s vote to give more funding to Mexico to fight drugs. Yes, drugs are a strong hold in Mexico, responsible for countless deaths of innocent people and unnecessary violence. Fallin should be supported for her role in international affairs. As a leading country in the world, the US should have a hand in these things and offer help or advice to counties needing guidance.

What about the war on drugs in our own backyard? Oklahoma is a leading state in the country for meth production and distribution. Our jails are riddled with addicts, our foster systems overrun with children taken from drug dependent parents.

So whom should Fallin have voted for? The country she represents, or the state she lives in? Many Oklahomans would say Oklahoma. Many Mexicans would say Mexico.

We say congratulations and good luck Governor Fallin. But we’ll take someone who believes in gay rights, lower textbook prices, and free candy for all any day.

(Photo by MCT Campus)

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