Support services office provides resources to college students

By: Brittany McDaniel, News Editor

The Student Services building is now home to the new student support services office. The federally funded program entitled TRiO is set up for first generation college students that may need guidance and other forms of support.

In order to be eligible for the program, the student must be first generation college students and meet income eligibility requirements or have a documented disability. Amber Mitchell, director of student support services, said that most students who qualify for a federal Pell grant might also qualify for their program.

The program only accepts 140 students each year. Additional students eligible for the program are wait listed once the program reaches the limit of participants. Once students enrolled in the program graduate, those on the waitlist may be selected to for the program.

The program will offer transfer assistance, tutoring sessions, attend cultural events, campus tours and visits for graduating students. Students enrolled in the program will have access to all these resources at no cost and can choose which programs to utilize. Mitchell called the program offerings “a buffet of services.”

One of the social aspects of the program will be the introduction to cultural events. Mitchell explained, “The purpose is to get [students] exposed to things they may not have been exposed to before.” Mitchell listed some of the cultural events as trips to museums, festivals, and plays.

Students interested in applying are asked to visit the office located in the Student Services building to evaluate their eligibility and determine if they are a good fit for the program. For more information, contact Mitchell at 733-7379.

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