Spotlight: Pam Reynolds

By: Tori Beechum, contributing writer

Pam Reynolds, professor of home environmental sciences, has been working at RSC for 28 years. “I always wanted to teach, since the seventh grade,” Reynolds said. She thought she wanted to teach high school, but when the opportunity arose, she decided she would teach on the collegiate level. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma (OU) with her Bachelor’s of Science in 1976. Furthering her education, she received her Master’s of Science from OU in 1979. “I teach clothing instruction, textiles, nutrition and fashion and marketing.” She loves to quilt and sew, she said, “I always wanted to teach, but [I] thought about working as a pattern designer.” She is also one of the sponsors for Non Traditional Student Organization (NTSO) and the sponsor of the new Sew Savvy club. NTSO helps out with community service projects that is involved with assisting other clubs on the campus. Sew Savvy is a club designed for those who like to sew and who are into design. She has been working at the college her entire career and her children graduated from RSC too. She said, “RSC is like a family campus. Everybody is friendly and helpful.”

Hometown: Del City, OK but now lives in Moore
Spouse: Randy Reynolds married for 38 years
Kids: Dustin and Logan both graduated from RSC. Logan was Student Senate president
Pets: Trixie and Taz both rescue dogs
Forms of exercise: I walk every morning with the neighbors
Drink she would recommend to someone having a bad day? Dr. Pepper
Proudest moment: When Dustin and Logan graduated from RSC
Favorite Food: Mexican. I love Chilenos in Norman
What Web site would you recommend to someone else and why? Facebook, but stay away from the games. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.
Most desirable place to visit: Cabin at Lake Eufaula
Worst subject: Math
Would you prefer to end hunger or hatred? Hatred
Would you rather skip Christmas or your birthday? Birthday, I love Christmas.
What do you do when you get nervous? Bite my lips
How do you get your TV fix? Project Runway
What’s the best advice you have ever been given? Treat others the same as you want to be treated.
If you could invent anything, what would it be and why? Transporter, so I could travel in seconds instead of hours.

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