Inexpensive costumes for holiday fun

By: Logan Pierce, Contributing Writer

For those who wait until the last minute to find a Halloween costume, we have compiled a list of inexpensive and humorous ideas to try out for your next spooky soiree.

-Sudoku board: Materials- four foot by four foot white cardboard, fine and broad-tipped black markers, a ruler and a small piece of rope. Use the ruler and marker to sketch 81 five-inch squares. Next, take the board tipped marker to define nine, three by three squares. For the easiest cheat sheet, use the Sudoku puzzle located in this issue for guidance. Hang the costume from your neck by the rope, and you’ve got an instant costume. Plus, people will want to fill in the numbers all night, making you an immediate party hit.

-“Web” Surfer: Materials- a six-foot piece of cardboard, Hawaiian shirt or similar beach apparel, and copious amounts of fake spider web. Cut a surfboard shape from cardboard. Place fake webbing through hair, clothes and on board. Include fake spiders for added effect.

-Nudist on Strike: dress in body covering clothing (show no skin) and carry a small cardboard sign reading, “Nudist on Strike.”

-Tacks  (Tax) Collector: wear business attire and carry a small jar or bottle with you asking people for (thumb) tacks.

-Venetian Blind: wearing dark sunglasses, carry a cane and a sign that reads Venice.

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