EDITORIAL: Dressing the part; who wears what?

Halloween has come around again, and by this time everyone should be done scrambling to get the perfect costume to wear to their best friend’s party.

With all of the Halloween stores that are open around this time, finding a costume shouldn’t be too hard; there are hundreds of themes to choose from such as pirates and comic book characters. But for some, finding a suitable costume isn’t easy at all.

When was it that a woman could no longer dress up as a nurse? Not a slutty nurse, just a nurse. Most women’s costumes come in the form of a dress, and that’s fine, but for some it can become a problem if that dress is short enough that it is better suited as a shirt. While some girls can be perfectly comfortable wearing such an outfit, others will have to spend at least $30 on the costume, and they will also have to find some form of tights to put on under it.

Not only does this result in spending more money, but also it’s wrong to assume that it is every girl’s dream to wear hot pants with a fur coat so that she can tell people she is an Eskimo. Some costumes have longer versions that at least reach the knees, but those aren’t always available, and often times, they still have the slutty nurse look.

Dressing in a scantily clad costume isn’t a bad thing. Some people consider it a way to have fun for the holiday, but others have a preference for dressing in a more conservative way. They might want to be a witch, not a witch on a street corner. Not all women want to go trick-or-treating with their kids dressed like Franken-Hooker, though many Halloween stores would have you believe differently.

Contrary to popular belief, dressing in a princess dress that better resembles a nightgown does not make a person look more grown up. Yes, it is fun, but it is also cold and revealing.

Rather than having an entire wall filled with costumes of Alice in Wonderland’s promiscuous older sister, there should also be a section for a traditional Alice in Wonderland costume. It is not about taking the more adult costumes away; it is about offering more selection for those who do not feel comfortable wearing such things. That way, everyone will find the perfect costume.

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