Annual Career Expo aids community and businesses

Haliburton employee, Gary Isham, discusses employment opportunities with UCO student William LeBlanc. Business participated in the annual Career Expo to find potential employees and talk with students and community members about opportunities within their company. (Photo by Brittany McDaniel)

By: Brittany McDaniel, News Editor

Oklahoma businesses from near and far attended the annual Career Expo, Thursday, Oct. 14, in the Main Dinning room to speak to students and community members about job and internship opportunities.

Stacey Pruitt, Office Max district sales manager, said the expo was a good opportunity to get “self-motivated” and “driven” employees for a company that deals mainly with sales and requires a desire to learn. “The ability to ask questions and get answers…is really important,” Pruitt said.

Greater Grads Vice President of Education and Workforce Development, Drew Dugan, who works for the Oklahoma City Chamber, represents over 5,000 Oklahoma City businesses and organizations. The goal, Dugan explained, is “to show you don’t have to go to Dallas or Arkansas or Kansas…our internships make that connection.”

When asked how company representatives generate attention from exposition attendees, Halliburton Energy Manufacturer representative Gary Isham replied, “I just reach over there and grab them. I’m like a carnival manager.”

Halliburton spoke with UCO student William LeBlanc, operations management and analysis major, about local jobs and projected salary.  LeBlanc, who was recently discharged, made the decision to go back to school and obtain a degree. “I was recently laid off and I needed a job. [The job market] is discouraging…it’s bleak,” LeBlanc said, continuing that with all the other “superstars” in the job market, you really have to “be something” to compete.

Recent graduate Ladora Lightner, business major, presented her resume to companies in attendance. Lightner said she was looking for “something with a business minded asset,” and even scheduled an interview with a potential future employer.

The event featured over 30 businesses and organizations. Connie Myrick, coordinator of career services, said this was a “hit with job seekers,” adding, “It was a great informational Career Expo for anyone looking for a job or wanting to network in their field of choice.  Everyone had a great day.”

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