Student Senate meeting Tuesday, Oct. 26

By: Miranda Liming, assistant editor

Senate passed their second present legislation during the Tuesday, Oct. 26 meeting.

Senate legislation 002 reads “A resolution pertaining to the repair of cracks in the parking lot of the North West corner of Trosper Road and Hudiburg Drive.” Authored by Senator Mark Sauerwald, Resolution 002 will ask for Physical Plant employees, or the “appropriate person,” to repair this section of parking lot on campus. “I looked at this parking lot on Google Maps, and I could see the cracks from space,” Sauerwald said. “It is just an overflow parking lot.”

“[The parking lot] isn’t going to negatively effect the students,” Sauerwald said. “It will when they have to replace the parking lot because of cracks and cost everyone a bunch of money.”

Senate voted a majority for this resolution through a vocal vote. Senator Kealy Gilespie was the only to vote nay. “I didn’t feel like the Senator represented his piece of legislation with any factual research in regards to an estimate or talking to people at the [Physical] Plant.”

Senate heard from guest speaker and club vice president, Hosanna Morris, Tuesday on the newest campus club, College Republicans. “We’re going to have lunches on campus, along with other activities, to make other students aware of our political arena,” Morris said. Meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 p.m., but a room was not specified.

Senator Camilo Ulloa was chosen as the new Senate Club Liaison Tuesday.

Treasurer Myka Sederis reported a balance of $26,295.21 currently in the Senate accounts.

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