Parking legislation fails due to lack of research, answers

By: Miranda Liming, assistant editor

Senate’s first piece of legislation was presented on Tuesday, Oct. 5.
Senate Resolution 001 reads “A resolution pertaining to the approval of open parking in faculty spaces after 5 p.m.” Authored by Senator Kealy Gillespie, the resolution touched on evening student safety.

“Often times staggered class times and higher crime rates after dark increase the odds that individual students crossing the parking lots after hours are more targets of crimes,” Gillespie said.
Raised by Senator Jim Thavisay, Gillespie was asked if faculty had been asked their opinion on the legislation. “I haven’t talked to the faculty about [the issue], but in my opinion, the overall safety of the student body as a whole should be more important to us as a senate than the convenience that it provides to adjunct or fulltime faculty that teach here,” Gillespie said.
“[Other universities] have signs that post faculty parking and then they have an additional sign that’s posted ‘free parking with current [identification] after the hours of 5 p.m. Monday through Friday’,” Gillespie said. “I haven’t researched the cost for additional signs.”
Resolution 001 failed with seven for, 10 against and zero abstained. When asked how they voted, “I voted yeah because I was concerned about the safety of the students as well as the faculty,” Thavisay said.
“I voted nay. However I am concerned about the safety of our faculty and our students, I just didn’t want our faculty to be inconvenienced,” Senator Melissa Nester said.
Senate was visited Tuesday by Connie Myrick, coordinator of career services, who spoke about the upcoming Career Expo scheduled for Oct. 14. “Even if you’re not looking for a job, you need to start networking,” Myrick said. “Throughout the day there are some workshops.”
Myrick encouraged senators to participate in the expo to ready themselves for the job market come graduation, or to receive a few extra credit points for volunteering.
Senate reported its budget at $28,681.59 as of Tuesday.

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