Career services help prepare students and community for the workforce

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor

When traveling to the Professional Training Center, a variety of tools are immediately at your fingertips. For those interested in finding a good, quality job, there is one very dedicated individual who runs the Career Services Center at no cost to you. That individual is Connie Myrick, coordinator of career services. The first step in acquiring her help is simply scheduling an appointment.

There are a few things to bear in mind when preparing for your meeting. Myrick requests, that students bring a copy of their resume and dress as if attending a professional interview (pants, blouse/buttoned up shirt, and an overall neat appearance). She explained the appointment is more beneficial when the student comes in ready for a mock interview. This enables Myrick to tell you, what you can do to improve your resume and yourself.

The Résumé is an evolving creature. With technological advances abound, it is important now more than ever to have a crisp, neat and to the point Résumé . “It’s got to catch [the reviewer] in 15 seconds or less, and grab their attention quickly,” Myrick said. Some of the advice Myrick provided includes:

  • Résumé should be printed on thicker paper stock
  • Color of the resume should be slightly off-white
  • Résumé credentials should be kept at one page
  • Only state skills pertaining to the job
  • Uniform format throughout the document
  • Cover letter specific to the company you are applying

“The purpose of the Résumé is to get an interview,” Myrick added.

When you get to the interview session, make sure to be yourself. Try not to work yourself up to a state of anxiety. Myrick explained that nerves are normal, and that even the interviewer feels a little nervous. The interview is not to see if you can answer questions perfectly, but how you respond overall. Future employers are looking to see how you fit with their overall work environment.

A quick tidbit Myrick offered was to bring a notepad and pen. This will allow you to write down any questions during the interview without interrupting, and take down the names of your interviewers. Afterward, Myrick suggested hand written thank you notes. You may not be right for the job you applied for, but that kind of interest will place you in their minds.

They may even have another job opening that you are better suited for.
For more information about jobs and career services, contact Connie Myrick at

Students and community can also attend a career expo 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 14 in the Main Dining Room for workshops and career match making.

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