40th birthday as hectic as day one: September 21, 1970

Dr. Jeanie Webb takes her turn at the Car Bash during RSC’s 40th Birthday Celebration Tuesday, Sept. 21. Senate used the activity as a fundraiser. (Photo by Miranda Liming)

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor
& Bryan Trude, feature editor

At first glance, the birthday bash for RSC’s 40th Anniversary looked like any other. Like many birthday parties, there were balloons, cake, punch and music. Leadership students involved in the planning were dressed in tie-dye shirts, as was Dr. Jeanie Webb, one very excited vice president for student affairs. As RSC celebrated its middle-age milestone, students, faculty and community members alike joined in to make the event memorable. Leadership students buzzed about the Campus Mall with purpose and intent to create a unique event for all in attendance, and radio station, 1140 AM “The Touch” came out to advertise the big birthday party.

To start the event, Student Senate President Shawn McCreary introduced RSC President, Terry Britton. President Britton thanked the leadership students who made the event possible, as well as the board of regents. President Britton said of the event, “I think [the bash] is great. We’re getting a mix of students old and new. I love the job our current students have done getting this set up, it’s been all a great success.”

He then passed the microphone over to Chairman Aarone Corwin, who explained the tie-dye theme, which was popular in the 1970s. “We wanted to bring a little history to RSC,” Corwin said.

Some of the history Corwin spoke of was scattered throughout the crowd. Jim Toughty, speech major, was at the college as a student the first year it opened. Toughty commented on how the campus changed from the time when he was a student at RSC. “When I first enrolled at RSC, where the baseball field is now, was covered in mobile homes. That is where the administration offices were,” Toughty said. Despite the rough depiction of the college’s early years, Toughty would never dream of having it any other way. “I have no regrets coming to school here. I’m glad I did it, and I would do it again,” Toughty said. He also commented on how he would like to see the campus grow. Toughty explained, “In the next 40 years, I would like to see RSC become a four year college.”

In commemoration of the college anniversary, the choir sang the RSC Alma Mater as balloons were released. The event embodied a deeper meaning than simply releasing balloons or blowing out candles on a cake. The 40th year Anniversary of RSC represents the continued success of the college as well as its alumni. Just as the balloons released into the sky, our junior college prepares each and every one of us to know no limits, and allow our dreams to float on infinitely. This event recognizes RSC’s presence in the community, which allowed countless students to attain degrees, and to continually reach for the stars.

To see all of the pictures from the birthday celebration visit the slideshow.

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