Team building construction stressed during workshop

By: Adriana Valtinson, editor-in-chief

The annual student Leadership Retreat brought together members of various clubs to learn about Student Activities forms and procedures along with networking skills Friday, Sept. 17.

Before students could depart, Kirby Harzman, coordinator of student activities, explained the importance of club officers filling out forms correctly in order to receive money for events, guest speakers, and other necessities of a club. Harzman emphasized the importance of submission and the need to keep current with regulation, for these forms and procedures will be changing following the Fall 2010 semester.

During activities, attendees introduced themselves through games to allow each to learn about the other.

Emily Fisher, assistant coordinator of Student Activities, explained that the leadership retreat is established to help club officers with “team building and getting to know each other in a fun atmosphere.”

Student leaders were treated to lunch at Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant in Oklahoma City followed by a trip to Laser Quest.

Shawn McCreary, Senate president, said, “It was a great experience. Everybody got to meet everybody.”

This year’s retreat differed from the rest. Whereas in previous gatherings leaders used an entire weekend, staying overnight in hotels, this year they made the most of what was available to them.

Saturday, Sept. 18, Senate members visited the UCO ropes course to continue their teamwork training.

“The ropes course was really good,” McCreary said. “We got to divide the go-getters and the supporting cast.”

“It was a great team building experience,” Fisher added. “They were really encouraging. It was a great day.”

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