Life is not all fiesta; It’s learning too

Kirby Harzman and Dr. Kent Lashley listen to the questions about Hispanic heritage and wait to be picked by students for a correct answer. Faculty and students competed in a Hollywood Squares game for a variety of prizes. (Photo by Miranda Liming)

By: Bryan Trude, feature editor

Nine members of the RSC faculty and staff put their Hispanic knowledge, and their reputations, to the test Thursday, Sept. 16 in the Student Center Main Dining Room as served as the panel for “Hollywood Squares” to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Teams from the Aquatic Center Life Guards, the Hispanic Student Association, the Study Abroad club and the Soccer club competed to win the coveted title of “Champion,” along with the grand prize of $50 meal cards for the winning team to use at the RSC Food Court.

“I think events like this are great,” Lorena Martinez, radiology major, said. “It is nice to let people know about our heritage.”

The panelists shared their passion for learning and education throughout the event. Much laughter erupted as questions were answered creatively.

As the teams battled it out for supremacy, the learning rolled off the panel with a healthy amount of laughter.

“An ‘O’ does not a Spanish word make,” Ruben Murcia, professor of life sciences, said.

“El Sorry-O,” Skip Leckness, professor of broadcasting, replied.

In the end, the Hispanic Student Association defeated the Study Abroad club to take home the championship.

“It was fun, we hope to do it again next year,” Jorge Carrizales, chemistry major, said. “I’m excited [the Hispanic Student Association] actually won, you might say ovgulloso (overjoyed).”

The Hispanic Student Association invites all students, even if they are not of Hispanic heritage, to attend club meetings. The next scheduled meeting is Sept. 28, 12:15 p.m. in the Social Sciences building.

“We encourage anyone to come,” Anahi Angeles, social work major, said. “It is a lot of fun, and everyone is welcome.”

Camilo Ulloa, wellness major, hosted the event.

The members of the second place team received USB flash drives. All other participants received RSC book bags. The panelists were gifted LED flashlights for their participation.

Other panelists included: Towry Barnard, director of Prospective Student Service; Julie Lesko-Bishop, coordinator of Student Publications; Kirby Harzman, coordinator of Student Activities; Dianne Krob, professor of English; Dr. Kent Lashley, associate vice president for Student Life; Liliana Renteria, technical assistant for grants and contracts and; Reginald Snoddy, professor of Spanish.

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