Newspaper joins 21st century

The 15th Street News is joining many other news media outlets and moving online. Share your impressions on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the Web site. (Color illustration by Gabi Camparario/Provided by MCT Campus)

You may have noticed that something is different about this week’s newspaper. Rather than grabbing a newspaper in the hallways on campus and flipping through the pages until you find the Sudoku or crossword puzzle, you’re navigating through a page on your desktop to find the Sudoku and crossword puzzle.

If you’ve managed to find this page, congratulations! You may be pleased to see that the 15th Street News has finally taken a step toward online publication. This, whether anyone likes it or not, is where the newspaper industry is headed. While some may resist it, just as some resisted buying movies on DVD or watching TV in color, the world is headed for a purely digital format.

Not only is this friendlier to the ecosystem, but more and more people are opting to read from a screen rather than a sheet of paper. Even books are steadily moving toward various different reading tablets like the Kindle and Sony eReader.

There is the reason why so many people get their news from television, Twitter and blogs; it’s faster, easier to access from almost anywhere and everything can be found with a click of a button. And now, the 15th Street News can be easily accessible—not just on campus, but from anywhere—and the news can be uploaded faster than it is just by setting a stack of papers on the stands each week.

Now we ask the same thing of you that we have been asking all along: make your voice known and tell us your opinions and what’s going on around campus. That is, after all, what this paper is for. This is your source for college news, and we want Raider responses. Now that it’s all at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to get involved.

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