Commemorating inspirational teachers

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor

Inspiration can be found in many forms. It can come from friends, nature, family or even a teacher. A way to commemorate a teacher that has inspired you is to reflect upon the experience. The Golden Apple Award not only does this, but also allows your inspirational teacher the opportunity to hear how they have affected your life.

“It’s a way to say thank you to someone who has made an impact in your life,” Julie Atkinson, academic advisor, said.

Lisa Will, academic advisor, added, “It gives students the time to reflect on how far they have come, and to think about the people who helped them on along the way.”

Students are encouraged to nominate a former kindergarten through high school teachers who have inspired and impact their lives in a positive manner. Nominations require a letter of recognition, written by the student, explaining how this teacher has made an impression on their lives.

So what constitutes a letter worthy of recognition?

“A good letter comes from the heart,” Atkinson said. A good letter is a vital element of the appreciation. Not only is your letter what distinguishes you among the other applicants, but it also creates a monumental moment in someone’s life.

The banquet takes place after the letters of recognition have been selected. Will described the atmosphere of the event as “so many different emotions-excitement, gratitude and sincerity.”

Everyone in the room can feel the impact the letters have on the teachers. Will explained, “You hear how people impact and touch lives. It’s a very moving, very heartfelt [event].” Atkinson also stated, “You are showing a different side of you. You are demonstrating the qualities that the teacher once witnessed.”

The nomination letter allows you to take the opportunity to step outside of you comfort zone, and gives you the opportunity to tell your teacher ‘Thank You!’ It is a venture that is well worth the effort, and in return, creates everlasting meaning for the teacher, who did so much to get you where you are today.

To nominate your favorite teacher, visit D2L under the courses and communities tab, click on Fall 2010 Student Community. The homepage has the link to “nominate a teacher”. This will take you to the drop box to upload your letter.

Deadline for submission through D2L Fall 2010 Student Community is Friday, Oct. 1.  For questions, contact Lisa Will or Julie Atkinson at 733-7408.

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