It’s Alive!

Bryan Trude
Feature Editor

Greetings to all of you Web-savvy Rose State Raiders out there. If you’re reading this, then you have found the brand spankin’ new “15th Street News” online edition!

I have to say, this is very exciting for all of us on staff here. Our publication has a long and distinguished print history, and now with this first step we plan to start here a long a distinguished online history.

Although we’re dipping our toes into the ocean of the Internet, we will still have our regular print edition. In fact, the next print edition will arrive on newsstands on Sep. 17. However, now we can bring you expanded content, articles that may not have made it into the print edition, videos and extra pictures of campus events and news stories, or even the occasional “online only” edition of the full paper.

Another awesome benefit to the online version of “15th Street News” is the amount of feedback that you, the reader, can give. Leave a comment on your favorite stories or stories that make an impact, shoot an e-mail off to your favorite writer about how awesome and cool they are (we appreciate those,) or even just drop us a tip on something you think we should cover and bring to the RSC community.

So, surf on! Read the stories, view the photos, stream the videos and just have a good, informative time. Most of all, pick up a paper copy of the paper and read “New on Netflix” on the back page. That guy is totally funny and awesome, and your lives would be better for it.

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